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Casa Lumaca is located in Tremezzina, Balogno, within an historical centre: is reachable only by foot through a 100 m  pedestrain lane marked by an arrow. Casa Lumaca is part of a big building dated between the end of 1600 and the beginning of 1700. The building actually is  devided in some residential units; it was built by Bernardo Carli, rich merchant from Como who traded products of the area, especially lemons,  in Amsterdam.Casa Lumaca has been completely renovated trying to mantain the original style of the palace of  which it was  part

Casa Lumaca is not on the lake but the lake is reacheable by foot in only 10’ through a pedestrian lane.

You can’t reach Casa Lumaca by car: you could temporarily  park the car in some little parking spots where it’s possible live the car only 2 hours, just to unload the luggage.  Later  you could move the car within  another parking area (just 300 m from the house) without time limits.

Casa Lumaca has a nice garden where in good weather we serve breakfast.

It is located in a strategic area from where you could reach always by foot:

Villa Carlotta

piers to visit the villages on the other side of the lake (Bellagio, Varenna, Bellano)

Teresio Olivelli Park, where through a very old stone step you can go into the lake.

Villa del Balbianello, Lenno, Ossuccio, Menaggio are at only 10’ by car

Casa Lumaca has a beautiful garden where breakfast is served in good weather.

It is located in a strategic area from which, always on foot, you can reach:

Villa Carlotta 

the piers to visit the towns on the  opposite bank (Bellagio, Varenna, Bellano), 

the Teresio Olivelli Park, where there is an ancient stone staircase that provides easy access to the lake.

Villa del Balbianello, Lenno, Ossuccio, Menaggio are within 10 minutes by car.

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